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Burning your favorite MP4 file to a DVD is a great way to storage your videos while still retaining its high quality. Whether it is a short documentary or the home video you have from your latest family vacation, burn MP4 to DVD will help keep those memories for years to come. However, you will need a MP4 to DVD burner to help you.

The professional guide will tell you how to burn MP4 to DVD.

Guide on how to burn MP4 to DVD

Step 1: Launch the MP4 to DVD creator
Click "Add video". Also you can choose "Add folder" according to your requirement.
Step 2: Select "Audio track" and "Subtitle" for your DVD.
dvd to avi converter screenshot

Step 3: Edit video
(1) Effect: You can adjust the video "Brightness", "Saturation", "Volume", "Contrast" and "Hue".
(2) Trim: MP4 to DVD burner allows you select video length directly or setting "Start time" and "End time". In addition, dragging the slider bar is a quick way.
dvd to avi converter screenshot
(3) Crop video helps you remove the black edges of the screen. In this way, you can enjoy video without trouble. You can preview video effect in the buttery hatch on the left. dvd to avi converter screenshot
(4) Add watermark for the video. You can add by text or image. Also you can set font name 、font size and color. The position of the watermark is changeable and according to yourself.

Step 5: When you do the above setting, you can start to burn MP4 to DVD.

The good to use MP4 to DVD burner is your good pertner when you enjoy videos. With it you can burn MP4 to DVD with just several clicks. Download it quickly and have a try.